In search of a test reader for a novel about the 11th Airborne…

… and Edie recommended you because she said your grandfather was an Angel. I have a 114,000 manuscript that does a Band of Brothers-type thing about the 11th with five fictional main characters. I need someone familiar with the HBO War fandom as a reader because (lolnamedrop) Marcus Brotherton suggested the typical WW2-novel person would balk at the gay subplot. Would you be interested and would you have the time?

OH WOW. A novel about the 11th?! How cool! :) Yes, my grandpa was with that division.

It would probably take me awhile to get through it (college obligations and whatnot), but yes, I would definitely be interested in reading your manuscript, as an aspiring writer myself. I am not put-off by a gay subplot either, so do not worry. I would love to read your story.

posted 3 years ago